The Shapes of Monday Morning

This morning we needed something to do to start of our day and our week well.  A couple weeks ago I bought The Everything Toddlers Activity Book.  It was at Sam’s Club when I was doing our bulk shopping and as I flipped through the pages thought it would be a book to at least spur on ideas, if nothing else (I think it will turn out to be a great book).  And, today, it did exactly that.  While we were eating breakfast I broke out the book and in about 5 minutes I had our activity ready, yes I said ready to go, for the morning.  Here’s all it took…construction paper, scissors, crayons, & a glue stick.  The best part is that it taught/reiterated shapes, colors, and creativity.

The object was to create a person using the shapes I provided.  Those shapes are the ones I cut out within the 5 min. during breakfast.  I just stacked 5-6 sheets of different colored construction paper together and cut out squares, triangles, rectangles, circles, and hearts of all sizes…super quick way to get a bunch of shapes.  We then picked out black sheets of construction paper so that all the colors would show up and then started creating.


The one thing I’d do differently next time is help my kiddos glue theirs on first.  My oldest made a great person, but then when he saw mine, he scrapped his and wanted to do one just like mine…not a big deal, but we lost a little of his creativity in the mix.

My youngest just had a blast talking about the shapes and glueing them wherever her heart desired.  She’s quite the little artsy child.  And, once I pulled out the crayons to finish the picture, she was all over it.  I’m just happy she colored on the paper for most of the activity.  She has a tendency to color on EVERYTHING…walls, her body, the carpet, the table, etc.  And, actually the phone rang during our activity and I came back to the bench of my table blue.  Luckily we were using dry erase board crayons so it just wiped right off.

The finished product was definitely fridge-worthy (if I had room on my fridge…I think ours will go on the wall;) )…


I also found plenty of extra coloring additions to my paper when I got back from the phone call.  Character was added:).  We also had to add his coolest birthday present…a remote control Francesco Bernoulli in the hands of his man and a basketball, so mine decided to be a golfer.   There are so many things you can do with just a few shapes.  Break out the scissors and go to town.


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