Broccoli, Celery, Gotta be, VeggieTales (R)!

I have been out of the blog scene for quite a while now.  I once had the goal to blog at least once a week or more, but then life happened.  Here’s a glimpse of what I’ve been up to away from the computer screen. Hopefully there will be more to come on that soon…

However, for now, I had to share what’s been consuming my time the past week and all of my yesterday.  My two little spitfires turn a year older within the next week and a half.  And, we got everybody together yesterday to celebrate VeggieTales (R) style!  Over the past few years, Bob and Larry have become a part of the family.  Actually, I think when I married my agnerd, they entered my life in the form of VHS, as I think he had all the videos.  They’ve now made it to DVDs at our house and have taken over this year as we had a VeggieTales (R) birthday party, they want to be Bob & Larry for Halloween and the stories get watched over and over and over.  The best thing about that though is that those Bible stories are being ingrained in their memory to be pulled out at the perfect time to help them through life or to just reference in our day to day.  Now, we do make sure to share the real Bible story along with the VeggieTales (R) version as the quirkiness sometimes gives a slightly different version from the actual Bible story, but that is often what makes them fun and helps the memory.  So, here’s a glimpse at our VeggieTales (R) celebration so you’re all set to waltz with potatoes yourself.

The Decor… is where I went for plates & activity placemats…perfect for kids and adults alike!Look at my grandmas go!:)Then, we went simple…tablecloth by the roll, solid color helium-filled balloons, and little bit of streamers across a few tables.

The Activities…

After searching my brain and online for ideas, I ended up deciding on the following, which were a big hit with all the kiddos from age 2 to 11 years old:

Bob, Bob, Larry (otherwise known as Duck, Duck, Goose)I had the privilege of joining the game since little A had just woken up from her nap and wasn’t too keen on leaving Mom to play with the big kids.

Pin the plungers on Larry Boy (pin the tail on the donkey)I had the intentions of creating Larry Boy on butcher paper and pinning him to the bulletin board, however, when I finally sat down to make Larry Boy, I realized we’d used all our butcher paper and it’s Sunday in small town, so not much luck with butcher paper.  The next idea was using the above pictured white board with a magnet on the plungers and then I realized, this was just a cheapy white board that I’d purchased a while back and was not magnetic.  So, masking tape was going to have to do.  Besides replacing the tape once on the plungers, this worked out perfect.  Here’s a bit of the fun…Oops!  Not quite the board…After the 2nd time through they all pretty much had the hang of it!

Make your own Jimmy & Jerry Gourd

We have a pumpkin patch at the farm, so we went out earlier in the week and picked a few hands full of the best looking Jimmy & Jerry Gourds one could find.  Then at they have cut-outs for the eyes, nose, & mouth…perfect.  Along with the cut-outs I added some markers/crayons, construction paper, funky scissors, & glue to let their imaginations go wild.  Fun was had by all…

I also had lots of coloring pages, connect the dots, and crosswords from VeggieTales (R) website at the activity table to keep kiddos occupied while others finished up.

And, last but not least…The Food…

-Stuffed crust pizza “Cheese in the crust!  That’s tremendous!”

-Popcorn ball meteorites from Are You My Neighbor

-A veggie tray

-Cheese curls

-Slushies from Josh & the Big Wall

-a few extras to round out the meal

And, or course, Bob, Larry, and Ze Peas to celebrate the birthdays right.

Larry is made and formed out of a giant rice krispie treat covered with fondant.  Bob was made using Wilton’s sports ball pan and covered with fondant.  The “counter top” they are standing on is a rectangle cake board that I iced with regular buttercream frosting and covered with square fondant cut-outs.  If you need any more detail, feel free to leave a comment and I’d be happy to pass on any insight I found!  

They were loved…

My favorite part, though, was when my 5 year old nephew went up to the cake when he got to the party and said, “Hi Larry, hi Bob!”  He cracks me up.

Happy Birthday to my kiddos!


2 thoughts on “Broccoli, Celery, Gotta be, VeggieTales (R)!

  1. I love this post! Zach and Amanda have been trying to bring the VeggieTales joy into my life, and while I’ve seen SOME VT I haven’t quite embraced it like I should. Maybe this will inspire me to catch the fever!

    I hope you’re doing well! The kids look fantastic and I’m glad you had a blast!

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