The Ultimate S’more

Like I mentioned in a previous post, we had some friends come up from Kansas City earlier this summer.  Because I love to have company, especially this group, I tried planning everything down to having every grocery purchased so that we wouldn’t have to make a trip with our soon to be outnumbered adults in the kid:adult ratio.  When searching for all the right meals so that kids and adults alike would have a great time, I came across an idea for the ultimate s’more and decided we just had to try it.  Because I knew this would be beyond rich, we did get the regulars of graham crackers, mallows, and Hershey’s, but this recipe was just one I could not pass up.  Here is what you need for the ultimate s’more…

-2 chocolate chip cookies (go for homemade!)

-1 Reese’s Peanut Butter cup

-1 fire roasted marshmallow

Set your peanut butter cup on one of your cookies on a plate/napkin so it’s ready to hold your marshmallow.  Roast marshmallow over the campfire on your best roasting stick.  Then, set it on your peanut butter cup and squish together with your other cookie.  Prepare your mouth for chocolatey goodness and proceed to gobble up as much as your taste buds can handle.

Savor.  For some, it was one bite, for others of us, it was the whole thing.:S  Not exactly a diet recipe, but something you must try once in your life!;)  It’s things like this that produce happiness in life;)…ha ha.


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