Spicing up the Pancakes

I don’t know about your house, but pancakes are a staple at this household.  Every Sunday “Dad” makes yummy pancakes for us all to quickly gobble down before church.  We’ve tried many different kinds and made them many different ways…usually involving a Mickey and a Minnie Mouse.  This Sunday though “Mom” was in charge, with the kiddos’ help as we celebrated Father’s Day.  We decided to not only spice up the pancakes with my usual (cinnamon, nutmeg, pumpkin pie spice, & cloves), but also add a little style to them to show “Dad” our love.  These can be done anytime whether it’s a special day (like Father’s Day), just a quick note to say “I love you,” or “Good luck” on that test today.  They are super easy.  So here it goes.

Supplies needed:

-pancake batter…your favorite mix:)

-a nice hot griddle

-a freezer baggy (I used quart size…freezer version is sturdier)

-kitchen sheers

When your griddle is nice and hot (around 350 deg.) take your freezer baggie and pour a half cup full or so pancake batter into one corner of the bag.  Get all the batter into the corner like you would when piping frosting.  Make sure you are ready to go (have the bag turned point up as it will drip out) and snip off the very tip of your baggie.  You can always snip off more, so start small.

Once the tip is open go to town drawing whatever your heart desires on the griddle.  

That’s supposed to say “Love U”…you might factor in a few defectos…unless you’re perfect, unlike me.;)

Wait about 10-15 seconds then pour your normal round pancake from the batter left in your bowl over the top of your design.  Watch your pancakes cook until the bubbles are up and the edges look more firm, then flip like usual.  Voila!  Personal pancakes.  Here are a few we created.  If you noticed, we totally messed up on the “LOVE” one.  Just a tip…write BACKWARDS on the griddle!:)We also did some hearts & stars, and will definitely be doing this again.  So fun.  I think “Dad” got our loving message…you’re the best!:)


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