My Paradise

Today was a day that reminded me why I love being a farmer.  Beautiful weather and a picnic with my ag nerd out in the field made it feel like we were in paradise…It was cool, sunny, and calm.  The only downer was that the reason we were able to have a picnic in the middle of the field is that the fertilizer was broken down.  However, for a quality time farm wife, it was great…the longest time we have had to hang out as a family in quite a while.:)  We layed out the blanket, kicked back, chowed down, and enjoyed nature…and dessert;).

Everything else was healthy!  Blueberries…YUM…

Great dad time…Even though the point of us going out was lunch, it’s so hard to stay focused on eating…especially for a 3 yo farmer.We also got up close to this little creature…Like father, like son…There is not much better weather than we were given today.  So thankful for the opportunity to get out and enjoy it with my favorite people.  Gotta love a job where your family is included…  I hope you had a beautiful Saturday too!


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