Spur of the Moment Sanity Crafts




Today is one of those days where after a handful of 90 degree days with lots of out of the house activities, we are stuck with a cool (60 feels cold after all the heat;)) day of nothing going on except laundry.  So at our house, my kiddos spent the morning getting restless.  Just about the time my patience was starting to wear thin, I remembered an email I got from a blogger I follow (after searching and searching through my email, I cannot find which blog posted it! So if it was you please take credit because I owe you one) about a paper plate snake craft and the morning was saved.  That craft spurred on a paper plate fish craft (googled it) and we all had a good time.  Now, I’m planning on doing some googling to see how many other fun things we can make out of a cheap paper plate, colors, and scissors.  The craft stash saved the day!  Pass your ideas this way if you have any:).  So thankful to my mystery blogger for the reminder of an easy way to have fun.


One thought on “Spur of the Moment Sanity Crafts

  1. The kids were very proud of those crafts and made sure to show them off while I was there last night. E definitely loves snakes right now. Hope that it remains pretend snakes that he loves because I’m not really excited about the idea of him showing off live snakes…

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