Bringing the Cows Close to Home

After spending close to a week back home, I came to full realization that I have “farm kids.”  Even though we live in town, my kiddos are the most relaxed and at home out in the country, on the farm.  So, this week when we got the opportunity to help out a cousin with feeding bottle calves, I jumped on the opportunity knowing my kids would have a ball.  It turns out they were more “help” to us than we probably were to them, but it was a great time.

Little did we know, we got in on all the farm chores.  You see, their home place is like what you see in a children’s book of what you find on a farm.  They currently have calves, chickens, lil’ chicks, horses, cats, & dogs…all that’s missing is the pigs and they might be getting one this summer.  My kiddos LOVED it.  We started out checking out the chicks inside.Aren’t they cute?!  My daughter loved them.We then mixed up the milk for the calves and fed all ten bottle calves.  They were super appreciative and friendly.:)After the calves had full bellies, we moved on to collecting farm fresh eggs.Three beautiful eggs from their “free range” chickens…they rule the backyard:).  

Then, of course, we had to feed the horses.Say “hello” to this guy!And last but not least, we had to get in on a little introduction to the rodeo world.  And, as long as bull riding is no part of it, I’m good with that.  It makes me super nervous to watch perfect strangers ride bulls…can’t imagine what watching my own offspring would do to me!And when all the chores were done, I had kiddos that wanted to stay forever.  Thanks Tedd & Coleen for letting us in on the fun;).


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