Bridesmaid Creativity

imageWell, I’ve been away from blogging for a short time due to camera issues both on my Cannon & my phone coincidentally at the same time, but thanks to my brother-in-law, I think I’m up and running again!  THANK YOU!

The other weekend I made a trip home for a special weekend, my best friend from high school’s bridal shower & bachelorette party.  Because she’s on the east coast now, we crunched everything together making it a day full of celebrating and got a little wedding preparation done in the following days also.  Jewels, the beautiful bride, requested that I bring myself and my creativity to create a wedding cake box for the wedding cards.  So, we took the afternoon and rigged up a classy card box that’s sure to keep the trickiest wedding crashers out of her stash;).

Because we were trying to occupy my two munchkins and I was having camera card issues, I only have pictures of the finished product, but if you go to this site, they give you a complete run-down of how to create something similar and super cute!  I love the cake using newspaper!


We had a great time and I loved getting the opportunity to express some creativity and get back into the wedding planning mode.  It’s always fun to take on the fun projects and not have to deal with any planning stress.;)  Thanks for making me a part of your adventure Julie!


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