Life as a Farmer’s Daughter

This week I’m taking a break from the farm wife life and have found my way back to being the farmer’s daughter.  It isn’t very often we get to head southwest in the state and hang out with my parents, grandmas, and, most important in my daughter’s eyes, the cows.:)  She’s an animal lover.

You see, in the state of Nebraska, it’s more often that people head east instead of west.  The “cities” are in the east and for a lot of people, that’s where you should be, so a lot of the state-wide activities happen there, which takes my parents east a lot.  However, I love going west.  Heading back “home” to my dad’s farm gives me a sense of calm and relaxation that words do not describe.  The hills and scenery of where I grew up just can’t be found where we live now.  My home now is flat, crop-friendly, and what everyone sees when they pass through Nebraska.

So, this week the daughter role kicked in.  We went off the beaten bath and are living it up in my home away from home getting in grandparent time and taking care of the cows.  This time of year is the best time to come see the cows as the babies are arriving and finding their way into the herd.

My agnerd, kids, and I get a taste of being a rancher without all of the hardwork that goes into it day in and day out because let’s be honest, it is hard work that I appreciate not having when winter rolls around.  I have all respect for ranchers as winter rolls through with blizzards, calving in the middle of the night, and the non-stop care that they give their animals.  But, I truly enjoy going out to help care for the cows when we get the chance.  After the gourmet meal was loaded into the feed wagon my agnerd got the job of driving the tractor with our son to deliver the goods.  And, man, were they enjoyed!  Yum-eee!My dad took off to tag two new babies so they could be identified with their mama.  These babies here already had their ears pierced and a ready for food! While the food was delivered my daughter and I set out to meet the cows.  She was bound and determined to make a friend or two.  “Go feed baby cows!”She got pretty close here.  While I was hopping the steaming cow pie, this baby’s mama was keeping a close eye on us.  We had to stop and see the first time mamas and their babies over by the house before going home.  She’s going to be a cowgirl…with a little peacoat style;).

Watching Papa share a different part of ag with my kids is always a great time.  I love getting to experience all that agriculture has to offer and it excites me when my kids get a true taste of the source of the things in their life…because knowing where things come from gives you a greater appreciation for those working to provide for you.


One thought on “Life as a Farmer’s Daughter

  1. Loved the perspective and pix. Animals teach children SO much, including perseverance, work ethic and patience. Tell agnerd I see cattle in his future. 🙂

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