The Brains Behind the Beauty

Lately it seems that there’s a new hot button for food everywhere you turn.  Everywhere you look there’s another food that someone is calling to be banned from your body because of its sugar content, hormones, pesticides, salt content, and so on.  Nevermind the fact that each person has the right to make his/her own choices and with those choices choose a lifestyle that can lead to optimum health or the quick route to disease/illness.  And with each banning attempt, it leads to a sector of agriculture that is under attack.  Whether that “someone” is an expert or not, there is a decent following of people that believe all said as truth.  And when real truth is not sought it’s not just the farmers that will be affected because agriculture is more than just some farmers out there trying to make a living.  It’s the backbone of this country.  Miss America says it well in this recently released article.  She’s standing up for where she came from and as a Nebraskan, I’m proud.

Miss America 2011 Teresa Scanlon


Miss America 2011 Teresa Scanlon


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