Family, Freezer, & Canning love

There is just something about having homemade food available at the snap of your fingers that I just cannot resist to love.  With two young kiddos in need of so much during the day…playtime number 1 of course:)…we get distracted and run into the dreaded dinner time crunch.  You know, the time of day when everyone is getting hungry, pulling at your legs while you frantically try to make a decision on what you’re even having for dinner.  And then, all chaos breaks loose when you are trying to get a meal on the table.  That happens way too often at our house and I’m in a constant search for commitment to stay on top of meal planning.

However, there are those days where everything is ready to pull out and eat and those days make me smile.  Yesterday was one of those days thanks to my grandma and canning efforts last summer.  My parents and my grandma came this weekend to get a grandkid fix and take them out of the house while I got our home back in order from a whirlwind of a mess.  It was great!  However, the best part is that my grandma came bearing her famous chicken and noodles for MY refrigerator!  This meal is a staple at our Thanksgiving meal each year and the perfect fix to any illness.  You’ll never go back to a can of chicken noodle soup again.  It was ready to just heat and eat…yum.  Stick in some frozen peas and fresh mango and we had a meal.  I am now planning a day to make some for my freezer…thank you grandma!

Another saver we had this week was pulled out of our canning stash from last summer.  We managed to get only a couple things canned this last year…salsa and applesauce.  We always manage to be leaving town just as it’s time to harvest the garden.  This year I have a plan to reap what we sow.  Here’s to a productive gardening season.  As I checked into our stash I realized that we need to get eating what we canned to get ready for the upcoming gardening season so I’ve been adding salsa to a variety of things this week…from eating it straight with chips to scrambling it in our eggs with toast…it’s added a burst of flavor to our meals.

And last but not least is my goal to get back to freezing meals so that that dreaded dinner time crunch is an easy breezy calm part of my day.  Freezer meals could easily be a whole other post, but I’ll share with you my favorite cookbook to get started for now.  Dream Dinners shares great tips for the beginner and has tasty recipes too.  There have only been a couple recipes in the entire book that we haven’t gobbled down with satisfaction.  So, what gets you through that awful time of the day?


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