Full into Field Work


And we’re back at it again.  Finally after being in the field for my agnerd’s birthday and then a nice bout of wet weather, we’re back in the field again.  My agnerd is making his home in the tractor for some long days of strip tilling to get the ground ready to plant.  Strip tilling prepares a seedbed for the crop we’re going to plant while leaving most of the previous crop’s residue undisturbed.

When the tractor becomes his second home it means that the kiddos and I are on the move creating a nice break in our day to go take lunch out to the tractor.  Since this is the first of hopefully quite a few long days (only in the sense that that means a lot is getting done!) we took him a care package of baby wipes, kleenex, and beef jerky.  I know, sounds like quite a package, but it’s amazing what a few little things can do for those long days.  You get dirty, especially on a day like today when the wind is blowing like CRAZY…baby wipes & kleenex are good for many things;), and the jerky is for when supper time passes by and he’s still out there in the tractor tilling away.  I usually try to pack extra food with lunch to tide him over until he gets home late evening.

Now, in the past few years, we’ve fit rather nicely in the tractor.  Our tractors have buddy seats so that means there are two laps for kids to sit on comfortably.  But, after our first tractor outing this year, I realized it’s not going to be as comfortable, as the kiddos have grown a bit bigger.  So I’ve been brainstorming.  Today we tried out a new idea…


There’s just enough room for this cute little crayon bag chair in front of the buddy seat.  And, even though neither child wanted the seat when we first got in, I think my 3 year old has now claimed it as his…hopefully;).  They even had to try out two to the seat…


I’m hoping the excitement is still there when we take lunch out tomorrow!  And, if not, we’ll keep brainstorming because that little part of our day is super important to us.  This time of year, it’s the only time our kids get to spend time with their dad because of the hours farming requires to reap a good crop.  So, here’s to finding the best solution out there so we’re all getting a “comfy” ride.  Feel free to leave a comment if you’ve had a great success with a different solution to tractor riding comfort.:)


One thought on “Full into Field Work

  1. Chris used to put our oldest in our highback booster seat (worked great for that small space and he had to have it for her in the pickup anyway) she went all afternoon once in her seat with the portable dvd player 🙂 Happy springtime from the Miller’s!!

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