Potato, Pork & Apple Pizza

Every once in a while, my agnerd and I get the chance to cook together.  It doesn’t happen often, but amidst the two kiddos begging for food, long farming hours, or just the lack of ingredients in the fridge, there comes the opportunity to create in the kitchen with him…love it.  You see, he thinks of delicious things my brain would not even come up with…ever.  What’s funny about that is that I am the “Home Ec” teacher, so you’d think I’d be the one in the kitchen cooking up the goods.  But, my agnerd is the one who is the creative mind in the kitchen and I often just ask him to tell me what to do and soak in the quality time together.

The other night we happened to have the opportunity to cook and he was headed by the grocery store on his way home.  After brainstorming some pizza recipes, this is what we (he) came up with…Potato, Pork, Apple Pizza and it was GOOD!  Don’t ever be afraid to try something new:).

We usually start our pizzas off with Pillsbury dough spread with olive oil and Italian Seasoning.  Someday I would love to perfect a pizza dough recipe…someday…Then add the sauce (we used a simple spaghetti sauce for this pizza)…

My agnerd grilled some thin pork chops seasoned with his own special mix (okay…more like we usually throw together a mixture of spices, vinegars, oils, etc. and see what comes of it when we grill, often not remembering exactly what was put together).  We added the chopped up tasty pork to the pizza and topped it with a thin layer of cheese.

Then, we sautéed the toppings below…Potatoes, onions, applies, & garlic…then sprinkled over the pizza and added PLENTY of cheese.  It always tastes better with a few different kinds.  This time we added a tomato basil cheddar that was perfect.

Top with another sprinkling of Italian Seasoning and pop in the oven till lightly brown and bubbly.  YUM!  I can’t wait till the next cooking date.  I’ll keep you posted on next creation:).


2 thoughts on “Potato, Pork & Apple Pizza

  1. Remind me to get you some pizza dough from Trader Joe’s. It’s what we’ve been using and we love it.

    I think your agnerd spends his days in the tractor thinking up recipes based on an email I got from him yesterday. 🙂

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