Totally Tangled…the end result

Well, Tangled turned out to be even better than I remembered it in the theater.  Thanks to Amazon Prime for shipping it right to our door, we were able to spend the afternoon creating for our Tangled party!  We made a great family night out of watching the fantastic new Disney movie.  Even though I didn’t get done nearly what I had planned for our day (we didn’t even get to the crafts) we still had a blast.  Here’s what we did get done…

We started out with braids in our hair just like Rapunzel’s…or as much of a braid you can get into a 1 1/2 year old’s hair!  

By afternoon we started on our supper consisting of spaghetti (Rapunzel hair), braided Italian breadsticks, and Pascal apples.  

It has quite the lack of color when it comes to a visually appealing meal, but to my kiddos the character involved totally made up for it.:)  Because we decided to have a living room supper (kids in their booster seats eating in front of the tube…see pics below) we went for a sauceless spaghetti and just added the following for flavor…

…a little olive oil and a good shaking of Pampered Chef’s Italian Seasoning Mix…YUM.  Next onto the breadsticks…  We took Pillsbury Pizza Dough, rolled it out on our stone and cut into strips for braiding.  We then spread on some olive oil with a pastry brush.  Add a sprinkle of garlic salt and PC’s Italian Seasoning Mix and away you go.


The greatest part is that you really can’t add too much of the Italian Seasoning so it was perfect for my 3 yo to shake away.  We worked to create the best Pascal with these tasty Yellow Golden Delicious apples…

I think we came pretty close but, I would recommend using full sized marshmallows to get the best Pascal out there ;).  All in all, we had a great time.  I’m thinking I’ll pull out the giant tower (we’re talking tall as the ceiling drawn on butcher paper tower), crown and pub thug armor (see 1st post for links) on a rainy day.  Glad to have something up my sleeve.  


3 thoughts on “Totally Tangled…the end result

    • We used black edible pearls for the eyes as I had them on hand from cake decorating. I’d probably use mini chocolate chips otherwise. And the marshmallows are cut in half and then just stuck on with their own stickiness:) Have fun!

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