Totally Tangled…

Disney has done it again…created a classic movie that’s great for kids and adults alike and we have decided to plan a party.  We can’t wait for Tangled to arrive on Tuesday!  This one, in my opinion, is up there with the classics that I enjoyed as a kid…Cinderella, Beauty & the Beast, Little Mermaid, etc.  What’s more fun than looking forward to a movie arrival by planning a party full of fun food and crafts?  And so the brainstorming begins…

Thanks to we put our heads together and we have a few ideas…

Orange Biscuit Braid

Check out these biscuit braids.

Love the idea of the orange braided bread, but after my agnerd’s suggestion of spaghetti (resembling Rapunzel’s hair) for supper I think we might have to tweak the recipe for Italian.  Yum!

And, we have to include Rapunzel’s pal Pascal into the mix…debating between these Pascal Cupcakes

or taking the healthier route and turning this into our own little apple Pascals

Fruity Frog

I think we can tweak it so it can be done.

Now onto the crafts…

Create your own tower like Rapunzel’s…keep those paper towel rolls and butter tubs and bring out the contruction paper!  We’re just going to let the imaginations roll.

Because my 3 year old boy loves the movie as much as the rest of us, I’m thinking of this craft, Pub Thug Armor,Pub Thug Armor

And, recreating Rapunzel’s crown for the girls of the house.

We’re still brainstorming, so shoot your ideas our way and take on a few Tangle themed recipes/crafts of your own.  Can’t wait to see the ideas!


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