Cooking for a birthday…piece of cake;)

Since launching the blog, I have had yet to post anything Cookin’ in the Kitchen.  It’s taken this long to get back into the swing of things after being gone a week and sick right after we got back.  I’ve finally found my kitchen by digging through the disaster of a mess and we’re back in business just in time for my agnerd’s birthday…the big 29.  (Next year we’re going to party:).)  This year however, we’ve celebrated by Runza in the tractor for lunch (if you’re a Nebraska native, you know this is tasty!) and a roast with a birthday decorated dirt cake for supper, all with the help of my kiddos.

Lunch in the tractor with “Dad” is always fun for the kids.  I love going out to spend time with my agnerd, but as the kiddos grow, we’re getting a little more cramped than we were when all I had was a baby bump to get in the way.  However, you can’t miss taking food out on the first real day of fieldwork for the spring.  We were talking today about how it has become tradition to get the picture with “Dad” in the tractor during our first spring tractor ride.  It’s the little things that make being a farm family great.  There aren’t too many other jobs out there that the whole family has the opportunity to be a part of the work everyday.  And, my agnerd couldn’t be more excited to be out in the field for his birthday…he’s been waiting for this since shortly after the first deep freeze at the end of 2010.;)

Anyway, we make sure birthdays are celebrated as much as we can.  So, the kiddos and I got the John Deere balloon (my 3 year old saw it fitting to go with a farm theme this year) and all the fixings for our dirt cake.

We don’t exactly have cattle on our farm, but we just couldn’t pass up the gummy cows…I mean, who could?  And, despite trying to write with prepackaged writing icing on oreos, I’d say it was a pretty good success.  We made real whipped cream for the recipe because it’s super easy and tastes so good (recipe here)…if you have a stand mixer, you may never go back.

After the dirt cake was done, and of course, all utensils licked clean by my kiddos, my 3-year-old and I started in on the roast and veggies.  We went for the meat and potatoes meal and everyone actually ate it.  I don’t know how meals at your house go, but lately we’ve been on the “I don’t want to eat that” course whether it was gobbled up a week ago or not.  A rump roast thrown in the crockpot with carrots, potatoes, onions, and Lipton Onion Seasoning Mix was a hit tonight at our house…whoo hoo!

So, my agnerd’s birthday was a success.  And, even though we went pretty simple we had a great time planning, cooking together, and enjoying a filling meal as a family.  


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