Road trips!

My husband and I love to travel.  Getting out and seeing something different from our everyday gives me some sort of new life (especially after cold winters as a SAHM), so in the winter I try to sneak in as many trips out of town as I can talk him into, and he usually doesn’t resist as long as everything is taken care of on the farm.  Actually, most of our trips are directly related to farming, with a family vacation thrown in every now and then.
Even though as farmers we are tied to the land, farming, in this day and age, also gives us great opportunities to explore  across the country, even the world, expanding our knowledge and connecting with other farmers.  So, we take advantage of that and go when we get the chance.
This week we’ve high-tailed it south to warmer weather so my ag nerd can speak on a panel at SXSW in Austin.  (If you’re attending be sure to check out Agvocacy 2.0.)  What better way to spend a vacation than to promote something that provides your livelihood and the opportunity to travel with your husband and kids.  So, even though the 13 hour road trip with two young ones stole a little of my sanity, it’s worth the opportunity to see something new, experience something different, and help others do the same.


One thought on “Road trips!

  1. Wow!! I love your blog Anna!! Reminds me of the times when I was growing up on the farm. So awesome that you are keeping those traditions alive and well. I love it!! My sister Lydia Tilton (Leibrandt) does some canning and gardening and things herself as well. You should add her and maybe you guys can swap some old fashioned ideas if you are interested. Keep up the great work!! Take care!! 🙂

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